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Advanced Automated Multi-Tools does custom manufacturing and prototyping on top of supplying automated tooling for individuals, businesses and schools who need engineering tools or want to provide means for prototyping.

Let our machines and services turn your ideas into a turnkey monetary success! Our company came to life when we saw the need for an automated machine that was capable of performing many engineering tasks. 3D printers have made it easy for the DIY community to produce prototypes and bring ideas to life in a big way. Our company focuses on the ease of bringing new ideas to life and increasing technological advancement. The idea for our company is based on simplicity. Our software has many different profiles that can be setup so that switching from one tool to the next is easy. Need to make some complex 3D clay extrusions, we got you covered. Need a 4th and 5th axis for multi angle machining, we’ve got that covered too! Any machine you buy from us is completely upgradeable for future tool additions. We also build custom sizes and completely custom systems. Not only do we provide the most advance and best valued machines, we also provide engineering and prototyping services. We can build any mechanical electrical system that you can imagine. Please don’t hesitate to run your ideas and projects by us. We can help, guaranteed!

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jan 2016

Limitless Multi-tool redesigned and relaunched

Limitless is a dynamic platform which is always changing to suit the needs of its users. For this reason, a 4th and 5th axis can be added along with many other tools.

oct 2015

CollideOScope Multi-Filament 3D Print Head launches

Ever wish you could turn a single extruder into many? Well now you can have 7 in one! With this new 3D printer multiplexer and hot end one can now print with 7 different filaments through a single nozzle!

april 2015

Advanced Automated Multi-Tools makes 1st prototype system

Aside from its unique ability to cross over to different tools quickly and easily, perhaps what makes the Limitless truly stand out is its robust controller that is similar to the ones found in larger industrial-sized machines.


Best in class cnc multi-tool!

Welcome to a higher quality CNC system. With a sleek clever design and quality craftsmanship, you can get more done with one of our uniquely designed systems!