about our services

We can custom design a cnc platform for you! We also do CAD, electrical, and prototyping design for any project!

The most affordable engineering services on the market!

Advanced Automated Multi-Tools is known for making the best CNC combo machines in the world, with more tools to choose from than anyone. However, what people might not know is, we also do custom manufacturing. Along with custom manufacturing, we can do prototyping, CAD and electrical design. We have even helped others reverse engineer ideas and projects to help get them started. Or, if you just need a model 3D printed, we can do that to (we can 3D print bigger models than anyone).
If you would like a custom CNC combo machine create and customized, in size and design, to fit the tools you need, just ask. After all, our motto is, “No Limits”. So we encourage people to design, and we provide the tools to make virtual reality, reality. From a CGI CAD image to a tangible object, we truly bring ideas to life!

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Services Overview

Custom CNC design

We realize everyone has different needs and we can accommodate that. Just give us your specifics and we will make it happen!

Custom engineering and prototyping

Need to outsource some engineering and design? We are the most affordable engineering firm on the market! Be it mechanical, electrical or a complete prototype, we can do it!

Custom Manufacturing

With our 4 foot by 8 foot, high speed CNC, feel free to outsource some of your manufacturing needs to us. We can make anything from elaborate wood art to aluminum and plastic parts. We can also 3D print very large objects with multi colors!

Please visit our sister company for unique energy saving products.