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Advanced Automated Multi-Tools has the best customer support!

Advanced Automated Multi-Tools are backed by a 1-year warranty on parts, and, we offer support for the life of our systems. We also have many “how-to” videos. If our customers are still having issues or don’t understand something, we make custom videos just for that particular issue. We can also help via video/voice chat. All this at no extra charge. We want our customers to be able to use our tools to the fullest! We are also constantly testing our systems and posting videos on YouTube, so our customers can learn new and exciting ways to use the Limitless Automated Multi-Tool.

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What software will I need for the milling side of the machine?

For milling, software is definitely needed for creating tool paths. We, of course, provide the software that reads the G Code that is produced from the tool pathing software which drives the machine. When it comes to choosing software for making tool paths, there are a number of free software’s out there, however, you get what you pay for. We use and recommend SolidCam. SolidCam operates in side of SolidWorks, and you must have SolidWorks to use SolidCam. There is a lot of software on the market that will allow more use of your milling machine. By simply using different software, your milling machine can be turned into a gasket cutter or printed circuit board maker. On the 3D printer side of the machine, no software is needed. Simplify3d is the software used for creating the G Code for the 3D printer. The system comes with Simplify3D.more

What is the lead time on a complete system?

Since each machine is built custom here in the USA, and we do not stock machines, there is a six week build time. The build time may vary depending on each customer’s requirements. The default shipping is DHL, however, we recommend that each customer obtain their own shipping as it may be cheaper. The system weighs about 650lbs and is shipped in a create. more

What types of materials can I machine with the milling side?

Every type of material has a different recommended feed and speed depending on the type of cutter. This machine has a 1500-watt spindle and is capable of cutting wood, plastic, cold rolled steel and aluminum. Cooling is needed for cutting aluminum and is not provided on a stock system. Care is also needed when cutting unfamiliar materials with a machine that one is unfamiliar with. In other words, there are a lot of variables to take into consideration when cutting any material. One of the major variables is, the amount of power the machine has to provide for the cutting power. Just because a particular cutter is capable of cutting at a fast speed, does not mean that the machine is necessarily capable of cutting at that speed. We recommend cutting at a slower speed until you are familiar with what the machine is capable of. more